Based in Hughenden, Queensland Hanss Pty Ltd is a privately owned business which has been operation for over 25 years in the construction
industry. We have worked on a portfolio of projects up the $11 million, the delivery of each project has been met with successful completion to
the required time Constraints, Quality, Safety and Environmental objectives. We are an indigenous business.

Hanss Pty Ltd wet hires civil construction plant, equipment and trucks for earthworks and road construction. Our equipment is fitted with safety
equipment and operating efficiency features as standard items including reversing cameras.

Hanss Pty Ltd combines high levels of reliability and efficiency with risk management approaches and product innovation to deliver safety
and productivity benefits to clients.

Hanss Pty Ltd fleet covers

- Prime Movers
- Dropdeck and Flatdeck Trailers                                      
- Semi Water Tankers                                      
- Side Tippers                                        
- Graders                                     
- Loaders                                     
- Excavators                                      
- Scrapers                                        
- Bobcat                                      
- Civil Construction Equipment                                        
- Scissor Lift                                        

Attachments cover a range from

- Buckets                                     
- Rock Breakers                                       
- Compaction Wheels                                       
- Rippers                                     
- Post Hole Borer's                                       
- Forks                                       
- Trenchers                                       
- Vibe Plate                                      
- Compacter                                       

Site Equipment from

- Generators
- Fuel Tanks
- Caravans                            

Hanss Pty Ltd operates in regional and remote areas in Queensland and Northern Territory.