Workplace Health and Safety

Hanss Pty Ltd has a Workplace Health and Safety system in place. The system covers all aspects of operations including transportation
of equipment, maintenance of equipment and wet hire activities.

Quality System

Hanss Pty Ltd has a Quality Policy and Management Plan in place. Delivering quality outcomes is a core driver for the Company. The
Company’s commitment to monitoring equipment performance, reinvesting in equipment and ensuring that equipment fits clients needs and
delivers high quality outcomes.

Environmental Management System

Our company has an Environmental Management System in place. We seek to minimise our impact on the environment. This includes investing
in equipment that has improved emission performance and a program of oil sampling and maintenance to ensure that equipment in
maintained in top operating condition.

Risk Management System

The company’s risk management approach includes continuous reinvestment in the fleet and proactive monitoring of fleet performance. The company has implemented chain of responsibility throughout it’s operations.


Hanss Pty Ltd carries the following insurances:

  • WorkCover
  • Public Liability
  • Vehicle and Equipment Insurance